Avaya VoIP and Phone Systems Administration

We supply, install and maintain Avaya IP Office business telephones systems. All our Avaya products are stocked locally. All systems are bespoke to the needs of our clients and supported by our in-house technicians.

Avaya IP Office Phone Systems are very popular among SME’s due to the wide range of features, fast set-up, configuration and scalability. All your calls are made over the internet while you still get all the features and functionality of a traditional phone system. This frees you up from all the costs and space required by your physical PBX.

Advantages Of Our Phone System Administration

  • Bespoke offering allowing you to pay exactly for your required features and capacity
  • Easy Set-Up and Configuration
  • Centralised administration for your multi-site business communication
  • Business mobility: Stay connected with your colleagues and customers at all time
  • Wide range of features: Video conferencing, VoIP telephony and unified communications
  • Extremely scalable: Pay per user pricing model for all features
  • Multiple device integration
BPX Avaya Phone System Administration Hardware Example
BPX IT Phone System Conference Call

Services We offer our clients the following

  • Supply of all the required hardware. All of our products are stocked locally
  • Complete system set-up and configuration bespoke to your business needs
  • Initial customer training
  • Post-Installation support
  • Remote support
  • On-Site support (East Midlands)

Our Audit Process

  1. Pre-Audit Review
    A qualified senior member of our IT team contacts you to discuss and understand your current business and IT infrastructure. Based on your organizations development goals and objectives, we determine the best plan to improve your Information and Communication Technologies.
  2. Execution
    Our expert team conducts a physical audit of all your IT systems and benchmarks it against current industry standards. We have a highly trained and experienced staff and are partners with leading developers of the industry tools. Therefore, we ensure accuracy.
  3. Presentation of Findings
    We produce a comprehensive report outlining the current position of your IT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and areas of improvement. This identifies the level of your IT efficiency, security and overall contribution to your business needs.