Free IT Audit

Claim Your Free BPX IT Audit Today and allow our specialist computer technicians to provide you with a detailed analysis of your IT Systems.

What we can offerBenefits of carrying out our IT Audit in your organisation

Auditing your company's internal IT systems is often a long and complicated process.
However, here at BPX IT, we aim to do the hard work for you by:

  • Assessing your IT Systems

    Gaining better understanding of the hardware and software you currently have available, and how we can leverage that to improve the business, suggest upgrades, or recommend replacements.

  • Resolving Performance Issues

    Identifying any existing or underlying issues that have the potential to affect your IT optimization, networking and connectivity, or general server performance.

  • Reducing System Errors

    We will reduce the risk of equipment malfunctions, software support queries, and general IT support issues long term by optimizing your current IT Infrastructure across the business.

  • Cyber Security

    Ensuring that you have the latest firewalls, security updates, and threat management tools available to detect and resolve any flaws in your IT Infrastructure.

  • No Obligations

    We would like to clarify that our IT audit service is absolutely free and you are not obliged to use our IT services. We are happy to use our experience and tools to further strengthen your systems.

What's IncludedOur physical free IT audit will include an in-depth survey of

  • Hardware

    Detailed review of your PCs and servers to identify any issues that may affect efficiency and reliability.

  • Software

    Inspection for unsupported, outdated software, licensing, patching, uniformity of your systems across the organization.

  • Security

    Overall protection of your network from malicious/external intrusion. Latest anti-virus, threat management tools, firewall and anti-spam systems.

  • Recovery & Backup

    Detailed inspection of your storage and backup resources. Maintaining your recovery and data backup process.

  • Network & Connectivity

    Reviewing your overall network and server stability. Identifying issues with routing, cabling or network optimization.

  • Additional Services

    At BPX IT we go the extra mile as our audit also includes the assessment of your Microsoft Exchanges Email Systems and Avaya Phone Systems.

Our Audit Process

  1. Pre-Audit Review
    A qualified senior member of our IT team contacts you to discuss and understand your current business and IT infrastructure. Based on your organizations development goals and objectives, we determine the best plan to improve your Information and Communication Technologies.
  2. Execution
    Our expert team conducts a physical audit of all your IT systems and benchmarks it against current industry standards. We have a highly trained and experienced staff and are partners with leading developers of the industry tools. Therefore, we ensure accuracy.
  3. Presentation of Findings
    We produce a comprehensive report outlining the current position of your IT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and areas of improvement. This identifies the level of your IT efficiency, security and overall contribution to your business needs.