Systems Maintenance

We provide complete third-party IT maintenance support to our customers under one contract. Our maintenance service allows our clients to reduce the operating costs stemming from expensive manufacturer contracts and allow more flexibility. We stock all our replacement parts locally.

We provide

  • Advanced hardware replacement
  • Complete lifecycle management of Networking & Data Centre equipment
  • Flexible maintenance contracts
  • Complete technical support

We cover maintenance for

  • Your Storage

    We provide extensive break/fix support for all hardware from lead manufacturers.

    Our storage maintenance services feature:

    • Support for all leading manufacturers like Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Hitachi and more.
    • Stock replacement parts locally
    • Onsite parts replacement
    • Software Support
    • Flexible support models
  • Your Servers

    Our server maintenance solutions cover all servers from leading manufacturers. We maintain complex, legacy servers as well as current generation servers for our clients. We help extend the lifespan of your equipment and reduce hardware costs.

    Our services feature:

    • Support for all leading manufacturers like Cisco, HPE, Dell EMC, Lenovo and more.
    • Remote and On-site technical support
    • Defective parts replacement. Our parts are stocked locally.
  • Your Networks

    Our network maintenance solutions provide our clients with flexible and customized solutions based on their network needs. We provide multi-vendor support on all network devices.

    Our services feature:

    • Complete technical support
    • Part replacement
    • Huge inventory of locally stocked parts
    • Optional on-site support

Our Audit Process

  1. Pre-Audit Review
    A qualified senior member of our IT team contacts you to discuss and understand your current business and IT infrastructure. Based on your organizations development goals and objectives, we determine the best plan to improve your Information and Communication Technologies.
  2. Execution
    Our expert team conducts a physical audit of all your IT systems and benchmarks it against current industry standards. We have a highly trained and experienced staff and are partners with leading developers of the industry tools. Therefore, we ensure accuracy.
  3. Presentation of Findings
    We produce a comprehensive report outlining the current position of your IT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and areas of improvement. This identifies the level of your IT efficiency, security and overall contribution to your business needs.