Managed Microsoft Office 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is the complete solution provided by Microsoft for today’s businesses, combining a suite of online services, including Microsoft Exchange and Outlook for business class e-mail, OneDrive cloud file storage and SharePoint for file sharing along with traditional Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

A lot of our clients previously using Microsoft Exchange have found more benefits making the move to Microsoft Office 365 due to the additional features plus paying the licence fees on a monthly or annual subscription.

Our ServicesManaged Microsoft Office 365

Our Managed Microsoft Office 365 service enables our clients to take full advantage of the features and benefits offered by the package. Our services include:

  • Accessing all your business needs to provide you the Microsoft Office 365 services bespoke to your requirements
  • Setting up all of your user subscriptions, licences and services. We stock all our Microsoft products locally
  • Data migration to Microsoft Office 365 from your existing Microsoft Exchange systems
  • Bespoke configuration of Microsoft Office 365 processes according to your needs
  • Management of all your securities and polices
  • Overall support and maintenance of the overall Microsoft Office 365 solution

Why Choose 365 Microsoft Office 365 Advantages

  • Assured upgradation to latest Microsoft Office 365 tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more for no additional fee
  • Microsoft Exchange and Outlook taking care of all your e-mail and calendaring needs
  • Massive OneDrive cloud storage for your files
  • Easy and safe file transfer and information syncing through SharePoint and Outlook
  • Cost effectiveness of the monthly/annual subscription model instead of a one-time hefty payment
  • Easiest and fastest deployment and administration
  • Advanced levels of data security and cyber threat protection

We deliver, manage and support your Microsoft Office 365 while you focus on your core business activities. We act as a third line back-up for our clients IT teams as well as provide direct full operational support.

Our Audit Process

  1. Pre-Audit Review
    A qualified senior member of our IT team contacts you to discuss and understand your current business and IT infrastructure. Based on your organizations development goals and objectives, we determine the best plan to improve your Information and Communication Technologies.
  2. Execution
    Our expert team conducts a physical audit of all your IT systems and benchmarks it against current industry standards. We have a highly trained and experienced staff and are partners with leading developers of the industry tools. Therefore, we ensure accuracy.
  3. Presentation of Findings
    We produce a comprehensive report outlining the current position of your IT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and areas of improvement. This identifies the level of your IT efficiency, security and overall contribution to your business needs.